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Todd Conforth - Owner and Senior Gymnastics Coach

Certified through USA Gymnastics.

Todd has his master's degree in Sports Education, and has been active in sports coaching (particularly gymnastics) for over fifteen years. He brings knowledge and experience as well as patience working with new gymnasts. He is an encouraging, helpful and dedicated coach who believes every child can achieve their very best through work and practice.
Todd Conforth

Tina Conforth - Owner and Gymnastics Coach

Certified through USA Gymnastics.

Tina has been active in gymnastics facility management and team management for over fifteen years. She brings experiences from several different gyms to focus attention on practice routines, proper form and the importance of disciplined practice.
Tina Conforth

Valerie Conforth - Champion Gymnast and Coach

Valerie started gymnastics at the age of 7. She competed for 12 years. During her career, she obtained many titles, including state and regional champion several years. Valerie brings extensive knowledge to the gym, and loves working with the pre-team and team kids. Valerie also assists with the recreational gymnastics program.
Valerie Conforth

Melissa Ellis - Assistant Gymnastics Coach

Melissa works with our recreational gymnasts and assists with team and preteam. She is an excellent coach, encouraging and striving for perfection in the level 1 and 2 girls gymnastics.
Melissa Ellis

Cody Phipps and Nicholas Conforth - After School Program Staff

Cody and Nicholas work with our after school program. They are very energetic and work well with our kids. They love playing games, doing obstacle courses, and building forts. Cody and Nicholas are an integral part of our gymnastics program and we love them.
After School